Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley

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A suburb fully deserving of its name, Paradise Valley is a wealthy town in the northeastern quadrant of the Phoenix metropolitan area. With a population numbering just over 12,000 and a total area of around 15 square miles, you might not imagine that Paradise Valley would be home to 9 resorts, three golf courses, and over 5,600 households (most of them single-family). But these things are all very true of Paradise Valley, an absolute gem of a residential haven whose residents pride themselves on cultivating a rich and fulfilling way of life (to say nothing for its quality).

Housing styles in Paradise Valley adhere closely to a southwestern aesthetic which speaks to the town’s storied agricultural background. Though structural durability and various cosmetic changes separate modern Paradise Valley homes from their precursors, a general sense of desert ruggedness and sunny charisma is pervasive from one street to the next. Paradise Valley denizens are committed to keeping their shared community civically healthy and municipally sound, as evidenced by the town’s almost universally well-maintained properties.

Above all, Paradise Valley is every inch the vacation magnet its name would imply. For so small a community to boast of 9 resorts is remarkable by any measure. But what most sets Paradise Valley apart from other towns like it is the sheer prestige enjoyed and routinely earned by each resort therein. Whether it’s the Montelucia Resort & Spa, Hermosa Inn, Scottsdale Cottonwoods, or the nationally famous Camelback Inn, Paradise Valley has an embarrassment of riches in this regard and is a highly sought after travel destination for that very reason.

The golfing on offer in Paradise Valley is something approaching fantastical, with some of the very best courses in Arizona situated in close proximity to one another throughout the town. Mountain Shadows Golf Club features its so-called Short Course, with all 18 holes being a par-3 and the course being playable in under three hours. Highly regarded for its beautiful aesthetic and humbling mountain views, this course is beloved by all who know it. Nearby is the much large Camelback Golf Club which features 36 holes over two courses (Padre and Ambiente) and a 36,000-square-foot clubhouse. Between the two clubs, Paradise Valley residents, guests, and passers through have 54 excellent golf holes within reach.

And what resort town would be worth its salt if the dining options were anything short of exquisite? As you might imagine, Paradise Valley more than delivers in this regard. Each resort features an on-site restaurant with first-rate cuisine populating every page of their respective menus. Lon’s Restaurant (Hermosa Inn), Prado (Montelucia), Remington’s (Plaza Resort), Moriah (Cottonwoods Resort), and several more of equal merit comprise Paradise Valley’s culinary backbone. Not to mention, the golf clubs themselves are home to fine dining all their own. All of this is to say that Paradise Valley is far from lacking in terms of superlative meal options.

There is very nearly too much to recommend life in Paradise Valley. It simply needs to be experienced firsthand in order to be properly and unforgettably understood.