Nicholas L.
(Guest, Bella Rosa)

I just wanted to say 'thank you for the great hospitality' during our recent stay at Bella Rosa. It is a great property, in a great location. We look forward to staying at Bella Rosa or another Five Star property in the Summer of 2016.

Pat B.
(Owner, Utopia)

Our experience with Five Star has been wonderful. Whilemost companies were quick to assure us that our every need would be met and ourconcerns mitigated, Five Star seemed prepared to guarantee it. Thus our choicewas made and we went with Josh and his team. Now that we are in our fourth yearwith Five Star it is easy to look back and see we made the perfect choice. Wehave had many chances to look elsewhere but there is really no comparison.Being a client of Five Star Beach properties has been a privilege and arelationship we expect to keep for many years to come. Others try to maintainwhat they offer to both the property owners and guests while Five Starcontinually tries to enhance the experience. You cannot go wrong with yourchoice of Five Star Beach properties.

Karin W.
(Owner, Big House by the Sea)

As owners of a popular rental, it makes a significant difference knowing the guests will be treated to a consistent, clean finished product EVERY time.  We rely on repeat renters, and a quality housekeeping experience is expected.  Cheers to our team who ensures that experience for them and ultimately, for us. We are grateful!

Len & Lisa P.
(Owners, Footprints in the Sand)

A couple years ago we had a tough decision. We were with arental management company that had kept us sufficiently booked and overall dida nice job, but we felt they undervalued our property and their commission washigh. Five Star came along and made a presentation. They showed us comparablesand explained why we should be getting more per rental. A year later, wecouldn’t be more pleased. We were booked far in advance for the peak weeks,made a $1000 more per week and paid less in commissions. On top of that, we’vegotten good feedback from renters on their friendly and timely customerservice. What more could you ask for?  Wewould highly recommend Five Star!